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Online Payment Center
Residents of Matthew Adam Propertiesí buildings can easily make their monthly payments online.
Matthew Adam Properties has partnered with ClickPay to offer a fast, easy and secure way to make monthly payments online.† There is no charge when payment is made by electronic-check (ACH). Payments made online by debit or credit card are subject to fees.

If you havenít made an online payment before, please create your account by registering below. If you have already registered, you may log in to your online account below.

                                        Register                      Login

Residents can view their online payment history and either make one-time payments or have their payments withdrawn automatically by setting up recurring payments.

If you have a question regarding online payments, please call 1.800.533.7901
or email customerservice@clickpay.com

Benefits of online payment:
  • Pay online for FREE when you pay by e-check (ACH).
  • Earn points or cash back when you use your credit or debit card.
  • Pay anywhere and anytime. Available 24/7 on your computer, smartphone, or tablet.
  • Receive automatic monthly email reminders.
  • Review your account payment history.