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Strategic Management Services
From our years of experience managing properties, we developed a system called Strategic Management.
Our Strategic Management program is the foundation for every Matthew Adam Properties assignment. It is our adaptation of sound business principles. We set objectives and a timetable so our performance and your property's improvements can be measured. Strategic Management takes into account the short-term needs of a building, as well as long-term requirements.
Strategic Management is a planned approach to property management, rather than the usual band-aid cure. Most importantly, it reduces unwanted surprises and gives the board of directors comfort in knowing that important concerns are being addressed and will be resolved.

The Strategic Property Management Evaluation
When we are retained, we immediately evaluate a property to identify its strengths and weaknesses. We then create a customized Strategic Management Program that addresses financial issues, service levels, contracts, maintenance, repairs and long-term capital improvements.
Periodically, the board and account representative review the target objectives and evaluate the success in achieving them. We will find alternative methods for situations where results did not achieve the objectives.
This is how the best-managed corporations operate; at Matthew Adam Properties, we bring sound business management techniques to the management of your property.

Our strategic management program is the foundation for every Matthew Adam Properties assignment
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