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Why Choose Us?
Selecting a management company for your building can be the most daunting task to face a board of directors.
The decision to seek a new property management company usually comes at a time when problems have arisen with the current company and, though fearful to change, the board decides it must take action. But, who to select? Should the termination be made on price, on the presentation skills of the head of the company, on the qualifications of the person you are told will be your account representative, on the roster of properties the company manages or on the recommendations you solicit?
It's a tough decision filled with many intangibles, but a very important one. We understand the dilemma boards confront. We hope that you will consider us as part of your review process, and ultimately retain us to manage your property. We don't promise miracles, and we can't even promise we'll do for you exactly what we have for other buildings. Each property is unique. We ask you to look at our approach to property management and our quality-driven Strategic Management program. We ask you to look at the experience and qualifications of our account representatives and our excellent reputation.
We want you to know that ultimately we care about the residents and
the properties we manage.

Hopefully, this overview of Matthew Adam Properties has helped you understand how we operate and the drive for quality that we bring to each assignment.
We want your property to provide the quality of life all the residents have worked to achieve
80 Park Ave.